How to Use eMMC DL Tool

Are you using a Qualcomm based Android smartphone or tablet? If yes, are you looking for an easy way to flash an official stock ROM on your Qualcomm based Android devices? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place, on this page we will give you information on installing official stock firmware ROM on your Qualcomm based Android devices using the EMMC DL Tool.
By following this tutorial, you can easily install official stock firmware ROM on your Qualcomm based Android smartphone or tablet. In this tutorial, we will provide you information through every step. Because of this, you can easily install this official stock firmware ROM on your Android device and this method is a very easy and safe method. This installation / update applies to all Qualcomm chipset based Android devices.

Step-1:- Download the EMMC DL Tool and extract it on the computer. After opening the Intel Phone Flash Tool you will see the following file.

EMMC DL Tool 1
Step-2:- First of all, install the USB driver.

EMMC DL Tool 2.1
Step-3:- Switch off your Android Device.

Step-4:- Download the Official Stock Firmware ROM and extract it on the computer.

Step-5:- After extracting the EMMC DL Tool, right-click on the eMMC_DL_tool for customer ENG V5.2.0R.exe file and click Run as Administrator option.

EMMC DL Tool 2
Step-6:- After opening the EMMC DL Tool, click on […] button.

eMMC DL Tool-5
Step-7:- Now, Select Firmware folder located in Official Stock Firmware ROM folder. You will see the following screen shot.

eMMC DL Tool-6
Step-8:- Once you successfully added to the firmware folder to eMMC DL tool then after apply for the next step.

eMMC DL Tool-7
Step-9:- Now connect your Android device to your computer or laptop with the original USB cable. (In switched off condition)

Connect USB Cable
Step-10:- After connecting your Android device to a computer, press and hold the volume UP and Volume Down key at the same time, so that the computer can easily connect your Android device.
Step-11:- Once you successfully connect with your Android Device to the computer then right Click Computer>Manage>Device Manager
Step-12:- In the Device Manager, a port number will appear in the port section, which is the port number of your Android device. [Note this port number]

Step-13:- Now, Add this port number to port section in EMMC dl tool.

eMMC DL Tool-4
Step-14:- Now, Click on DL1 Button to start the flashing process.

eMMC DL Tool-8
Step-15:- Now, EMMC dl tool will start the Flashing firmware on your android device.

eMMC DL Tool-9
Step-16:- Once, after the flashing process is complete, you will be able to see the green Pass message in EMMC dl tool.

eMMC DL Tool-10
Step-17:- Now, Close EMMC dl tool and disconnect your Android Device to computer.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully updated your Android device using EMMC dl tool.

Dear friends, you’ve successfully updated your Android device to the latest Android version. If you have any issues regarding this update or flashing process on your Android devices. Then please you can share your problem and difficulty with me in the comment box.

Disclaimer”:- Please read my every step carefully. We are not responsible for any kind of damage or any other problem on your Android devices during this updating / flashing process. You are doing this updating or flashing process at your own risk.

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