How to Update Huawei P10 B159 to Official Firmware Stock Rom

This is the Update/Install original official Stock Firmware ROM tutorial for Huawei P10 B159 Android Device. In this tutorial we have to provide step by step installation process, therefore it’s very easy and safe method to Install/Update original official Stock Firmware ROM on your Huawei P10 B159 Android Device. First you have to read my all the step, then after you are also able to Install/Update this original official Stock Firmware ROM on your Android Device without any troubles. On this page we have to manage original official Stock Firmware ROM, Flashing Driver, Flash Tool and Flash Guide.

Huawei P10

Pre-Requisites to Updating your Android device:-
1. Follow this procedure only and only Android Device with the specific model number.
2. Your device should be charged more than 80%.
3. Make sure you have all the backup of your internal and external stored files. [Click Here]
4. Backup all your important contacts number.
5. Backup all your important messages.
6. Make sure you have USB debugging mode enabled
7. Don’t try to flash this Updating process to any other Device.
8. Read my all the step be carfully then you can do it.

Details of Huawei P10 Stock Firmware Rom:-
1. Device:- Huawei P10
2. Android Version:- Android 7.0 Nougat.
3. Firmware:- B159
4. Model:- VTR-L09
5. EMUI Version:- 5.0
6. Build Number:- VTR-L09C02B159
7. Type:- Full firmware image
8. Status:- Official Stock Firmware ROM
9. Region:- Europe

Download Requirement Files:-

File Name Download
Huawei P10 B159 USB Driver Download
Huawei P10 B159 VTR-L09C02B159 Download
Huawei P10 B159 VTR-L09C02B159 update full VTR-L09 vodafone Download
Huawei P10 B159 VTR-L09C02B159 update data full Download

How to Flash :-
Step-1:- Download and Extract Official Huawei Stock Firmware ROM on your computer after extracting you will be able to see the following screen.
Step-2:- After extract official stock Firmware ROM file you will find “UPDATE.APP” file.
Step-3:- Now, Crate new folder on your computer and rename this folder is “dload”
Step-4:- Now, copy UPDATE.APP file and paste in this dload folder see the following screen.
Step-5:- Now connect your Huawei android device to the computer with original USB cable. And transfer “dload” folder to your Huawei device internal storage.
Step-6:- Now click on setting option on your Huawei android device. See the following screen.
Step-7:- Now, select “Update” or “System Update” option in setting menu. See the following screen.
Step-8:- Now, Click on “Menu” option you will be see the following screen shot.
Step-9:- Now select “Local Update” and select file.
Step-10:- After Select “UPDATE.Zip file you Huawei Android device is going to reboot in recovery mode and start flashing Stock ROM process on your Huawei Device.
Step-11:- Just wait 5-10 minutes to finish this flashing process. Please do not interrupt to your device during this flashing process.
Step-12:- After finish this flashing process your Huawei Andoird device reboot automatically and start with Update version.
Step-13:- Enjoy, you have to successfully upgrade your android device.

Congratulations, Your Huawei Android Device is successfully updated to official firmware.

Dear friends you have to successfully upgrade your Huawei Android Smart Phone device. If you have to any problem regarding to flashing [Updating] process on your Android Smart Phone device, then please you can share your problem and difficulty with me in the comment box.

“Disclaimer”:- Please read my each and every step be carefully. We are not responsible for damage or any other problem on your android devices. If you are doing this methods on your device it at your own responsibility.

Follow the Detail Instruction to Installation with Images

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